What are Fibercell do?

We produce biodegradable and sustainable products made from environmentally friendly Pineapple Leaf Fiber (PLF).

Kami memproduksi produk biodegradable dan berkelanjutan terbuat dari Serat Daun Nanas (PLF) yang ramah lingkungan.

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The challenges we face

Deforestation and Plastic Pollution Challenge

About 15,3 billion trees annually have been cut-down for human utility.
Based on 2004 to 2009 statistics, it's more like 57 billion disposable chopsticks a year, accounting for the destruction of 3.8 million trees.
It's mean 5,81% chopstick production contribute to deforestation. On the other hand, Indonesia also contribute as top 2 of plastic waste globally. Mostly plastic waste are caused by the using of plastic straw.

Plastic straws can also be a source of marine debris, especially in Asian countries such as Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, and China as the largest straw users. Among the 8 million tons of plastic that ends up in the oceans every year, straws comprise only 0.025 percent, but have a significant impact on marine and aquatic fauna, causing the deaths of millions of seabirds, hundreds of thousands of marine animals and countless fish every year.

Fibercell's Product

Our Impact for SDGs

  • No-Poverty

    Improve the livelihoods of over 1000 farmers and local people in West Borneo by 2025.

  • Responsible Consumption and Production

    Use 100% natural leaves fiber, increase the use of pineapple leaves beside of the fruit, and reduce 5 billion plastic chopstick by 2025.

  • Life Below Water

    Avoiding the use of disposable chopstick and plastic straw to keep the ocean clean of debris.

  • Partnerships For The Goals

    Fibercell partners with farmers, local communities, NGOs, and government to support the growth and development of the enterprise.

  • Climate Action

    The whole production process is eco-friendly, with minimal carbon emission, no landfill and no plastic recycling. This product are also reduce the use of wood and bamboos for making chopstick.

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